Types of services

Recruiting Services (RS)

  • on request
  • success fee commercial model
  • service level agreement
Best suited for:

  • internal projects team extension (1 – 10+)
  • one time request

Landed Recruiters (LR)

  • time and material commercial model
  • team integration
  • internal hiring process integration
  • account management
  • service level agreement
Best suited for:

  • professional services companies
  • highly mature internal recruiting / hiring process
  • medium to large team extension (10 – 100+)

Recruiting Process
Outsourcing (RO)

  • fixed and success fee commercial model
  • collaborative design of recruiting process
  • tool (Applicant Tracking System) implementation based on agreed process
  • team design (landed, remote, hybrid)
  • full accountability on recruiting process based on service level agreements
  • reporting
Best suited for:

  • professional services companies
  • large team assembly projects

Recruiting Gateway (RG)

  • RPO + integration of other Agencies, including internal HR recruiting capabilities
Best suited for:

  • professional services companies with very large team assembly projects (200+)



Our services are defined by acurracy. Regardless of the type of IT specialists you need, our company will identify, organize and deliver complete teams that are the best suited for the task at hand.

Please have a look at the main competencies listed below and our list of clients who are all available for refrences.

Our facts and figures

11 11 Employees

We are a passionate young team with valuable hands-on experience. We accurately understand your needs and provide targeted recommendations.

2Tech Team Manager

The Team Manager comes with 14 years experience in IT, Banking, Consultancy and Recruiting. Certified in Prince2, CISA, ITIL frameworks.

3Blended IT, HR and Sales seniority

Our team’s combined experience leads to a unique mix of skills. We are perfectly suited for complex recruiting and consultancy projects in Information Technology, covering from the most generic to incredibly targeted niches.

atsClient Custom ATS Processes

We believe good data is one of the pillars of any recruiting process. We specifically tailor our in-house data management system to each new project we undertake.

kamDefined Account Management

Come work with us and you’ll have a single point of contact from beginning to end. For efficient communication and no details lost in dealing with multiple contacts on one project.

kamLarge Candidates Database

We take pride in our database of over 20.000 quality candidates – each of them screened, interviewed and then periodically checked-up on for up to date profiles. This allows for fast and accurate matchmaking when new projects arrive.


The team

Simona RaduExecutive IT Recruiter+
During my 3 years experience in the HR field, I worked for both recruitment agencies and internal HR departments. I was involved mainly in the whole life cycle of recruitment for software development positions and I successfully completed the allocated projects. In my work, I rely on my Master’s Degree in organizational psychology and HR management, but also on being an organized and proactive person who always goes the extra mile to fulfill clients’ needs.READ MORE
Alice DonosaCareer Matchmacker+
Optimistic by nature, I easily self-motivated even when faced with seemingly impossible tasks. Empathy is also my second name, a skill I’ve discovered is very useful in recruiting – serves in candidate interviews as well as understanding my different clients’ company cultures. I choose recruiting as a career because I enjoy being a matchmaker, I do it even in my free time with friends, not just between candidates and companies. READ MORE
Diana MaxinIT Recruitment Consultant+
I am an enthusiastic IT Recruiter, with a huge passion for technology and matching candidates to their perfect jobs. Continuously searching for challenging projects, I always try to be the best both in my profession and personal life. I strongly believe in teamwork and I am a convinced militant of barrier-free communication.READ MORE
Mihaita OsmanIT Talent Seeker+
I am a young HR professional with strong interpersonal skills and a thirst for HR knowledge. For me recruiting is a way to discover people, meet exceptional professionals and learn more about how to build a career. I believe the best lessons you learn are from people you interact with and this job gives me endless such opportunities.READ MORE
Lucian CretuManaging Partner+
I believe that, in addition to good technology, an efficient process management is driven by transparency and empathy. Being on both sides of the aisle gave me a unique perspective on Information Technology in Romania. I started in the corporate environment more than 10 years ago and for the past 5 years I continuously experience the transition into the entrepreneurial one. Considering my active spirit and the passion for endurance sports, I see being an entrepreneur as the most challenging “ultra-marathon” yet.READ MORE
Cristina IancuManaging Director+
My 10 years experience within various areas of Human Resources is due to involvement in the banking and IT industries. The passion for my work makes me engage in the development and growth of the people I work with, enabling them to reach their full potential. I am a self-motivated and driven person, guided by a strong belief: working with passion, integrity and constructive spirit you create value for the teams you collaborate with.READ MORE
Alexandra RotarIT Researcher+
Hard worker, keen on being part of a powerful and creative team. Always interested in improving myself and my skills. In continuous search for new projects because a good challenge is welcomed anytime. Not a believer in limits, but in overcoming them. Communicative, with a good sense of humor and perseverance.READ MORE
Gabriel ZgovancuIT Recruiter+
I’m a young professional in the recruitment industry, focused on the ICT sector. I discovered my passion for recruitment doing volunteer work for a student NGO during my college years. Over time, I got involved in multiple sourcing projects, on different hierarchical levels, all across the EMEA and APAC region. My belief: there are no elevators to success, you gave to take the stairs.READ MORE


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